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Red Clover Detoxification

Although I did get through a pre-medicine degree in college, received emergency medical technician training while in the military, hold a current Red Cross first aid certificate, and have dealt with more serious war wounds than I want to remember, I'm not a doctor and strongly recommend that you get medical care from a doctor for anything major or questionable. Traditional medicine today is really good at treating cuts and wounds so always consult a doctor when you need one!

First, I'm not a doctor and strongly recommend that you get medical care from a doctor for anything major or questionable. We have the finest crisis medical care in the world, take advantage of it if and when you need it!

Here is an inexpensive and incredibly effective detoxification program that I was shown by a medical friend that is used by our area's largest holistic medical clinic. It can be very powerful with many side effects, so you need to use it with some care listening to your body and not overdoing.

Start by buying a couple of the large size bottles of Red Clover Combination - Detox herbal made by Nature's Way. (Make sure you get the Combination, since it has several different herbs in it.)

Drink one full glass of water with pills and drink lots of spring or purified water daily during this detox process. A good rule of thumb is to take your weight and divide by two then drink that many ounces of water daily.

Watch your diet carefully during this detoxification process. You should avoid all sugar, junk food, processed foods, alcohol, severely limit your meat and milk products, plus eat lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and salads.

Follow the below schedule for taking these capsules, but do not take any pills every seventh day to give your body a rest.

Take 1 cap. 3x / day for 3 - 4 days = 3
Take 2 cap. 3x / day for 3 - 4 days = 6
Take 3 cap. 3x / day for 3 - 4 days = 9
Take 4 cap. 3x / day for 3 - 4 days = 12
Take 5 cap. 3x / day for 3 - 4 days = 15

If you get stomach aches / cramps and / or diarrhea, decrease to the prior level and after another 3 - 4 days step up one more level. If you again have problems back down and again try stepping up one more time after another 3 - 4 days. If you again have problems hold at that prior level as it is what you need for detox.

During this process it is common for people to have a variety of terrible aches, pains, and other symptoms including headaches and even vision problems. When these symptoms completely vanish for a week, you have completed your detox program. Each person's needs in terms of how long it will take vary from as little as a few weeks (my case) to up to three months.

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