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Ulcers & Colitis



Ulcers and Colitis

First, I'm not a doctor and strongly recommend that you get medical care from a doctor for anything major or questionable. We have the finest crisis medical care in the world, take advantage of it if and when you need it!

Many of my clients ask me what I know about ulcers and colitis. In spite of my best and ongoing diligent efforts this question continues to have pretty major impact on me as I have lived with such for years! I have always been one of those who loved spicy food and tossing down more than a beer or two (my own strong home brews especially!) and at most only had to pay with a little gas from my indiscretions.

After my foot problems my doctors discovered I also had an antibiotic resistant staph infection from that botched surgery. The best they could do with antibiotics was just slow the infection. My doctors constantly changed my antibiotics, often taking two at once. In spite of constant antibiotics, the infection continued to spread into my joints eating away my cartilage causing my joints to swell and lock up. This nightmare went on for years. My cast iron tummy suddenly went south. Meaning I lived tied to the white chair and weak as a kitten from the inability to hold food.

My Rheumatologist (joint specialist) added strong anti-inflammatory medication so I could keep going and work. This combination of medicines quickly led to my coming down with bleeding ulcers and painful colitis. I lived on prescription digestive aids and a whole host of other medications including Mylanta, Carafate, Pepcid, etc. To say I was miserable was a grave understatement. Here is what found worked for me as I lived in this state for years.

I had long ago decided I was responsible for the management of my own healing with help of my experts. Unlike each of them who pretty strongly believes in their particular approach, my goal was to get well. I was also in so much pain, I was willing to try almost anything that offered a chance to help without too much risk. I started with my doctors, moved on to health food stores then our local university medical library ending up with a terrible headache and enough conflicting advice I was near lost.

Almost all agreed I had to change my diet, add a live culture yogurt, and to immediately cut out all the stressful behaviors plus greatly increase my intake purified water. Over the course of years, I tried giving up combinations of my alcohol, beer, breads, sugars, dairy products, grain products, meats, spicy and oily foods. What finally worked was giving up my job.

Yes, this was the same lesson that I had learned but not understood as a result of my computer programs following the health of eleven thousand patients over a seven-year period! The only single correlation that was of major statistical significance out of that study to look into what created optimum health was attitude. Good health care, diet, exercise, hygiene and almost all of the other supposed "critical factors" combined accounted for only one quarter of the explanation of good long term health. The rest was all tied to a strong positive self-image! If I wanted to be well, I had to feel good about myself and my world.


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