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Created: May 1995
Updated: August 17, 2015

Single Pedistal Wooden Desk

Single Pedestal Desk

One of the more interesting projects I did was to build a bedroom set for my son out of 5/4 red oak. I ended up making him a raised pedestal bed with drawers and lots of cabinet storage below, a matching bookcase, matching night stand, matching dresser, and matching desk. He was still pretty young so I inlaid Formica for the desk, nightstand and dresser tops. The above picture is from the early camera days and shows this inlay, but is not very clear. He outgrew all but the desk, so the rest has long since been replaced. One of these days I will try to get him to clean his room enough to take more thorough pictures of his desk which continues to be a landing spot for whatever he tosses into his room.