Steve Cater's Cyclone Project with lots of pics!

Steve Cater - Kemptville Canada <>
Date: Wednesday, 1/1/03, at 12:27 p.m.

Updated with new web page on Tuesday, December 18, 2013

Steve Cater, no relation except he asked me many questions, just finished up his cyclone installation. He made a modified Wood magazine cyclone and buried in concrete his 4" ducting before discovering that was not the best solution. His repair is well worth considering for those who are already committed to where they are, yet want to go after the really fine dust that our early dust collectors would not get.
Steve is a professional and works in Fluid Power (Industrail motion & control systems - hydraulics/Pneumatics), so knows a whole bunch more than me and many others. His solution was to modify his cyclone, use a big impeller and build a blower, power it with a large motor, and use as much of the larger ducting as he could. He did an excellent job and the results work well. He also addressed the concern that Buy-Filters has greatly increased their prices and shipping charges by coming up with a much more affordable Farr filter option.
Steve also did an excellent job documenting his work on a web page that you can get to with the below link. I'm going to have to get some lessons from him or quit writing HTML and use a web page maker package!
Hope you enjoy and thanks Steve for sharing!
Steve Cater's Cyclone Project On Wood Central (click here)