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First, I'm not a doctor and strongly recommend that you get medical care from a doctor for anything major or questionable. We have the finest crisis medical care in the world, take advantage of it if and when you need it! Next, what little knowledge I have about medicine came the hard way from major problems and disasters in my own world. Please enjoy these stories and the information, but remember it is up to you how you manage your own health.

For those who are interested I do have some medical background. In college to pioneer one of the first biomedical engineering majors I had to earn degrees in both mechanical engineering and pre-medicine. In college I came up with many digital instruments to help operating rooms and critical patient care. Once in the workforce, after many years designing traditional medical and critical care patient monitoring systems, I was making far more money doing my computer programming and had gotten very frustrated that all I created had to belong to my employers. I continued to build some digital medical products, but from then on mostly focused on biomedical computer engineering. In that mode I did quite a bit of computer research on what factors most contribute to a long healthy life. In studying 12,000 patients for the American Medical Preventics Society the one overwhelming factor in addition to good medical and dental care was having a strong positive outlook. The oriental and western cultures use very different names and explanations, but the bottom line is those who keep their thoughts positive live far longer and healthier. I am also a very strong believer that touch, massage and sharing helps the healing processes. I've spent years both practicing and studying a number of ways to assist traditional medicine with the healing process that I believe improve healing. These pages share a few of these approaches.


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