Poems - A Touch

Reaching out and touching just your finger tip
so slowly and quietly it takes a while to realize that touch is there.

The warmth and gentleness is so quietly there
slowly flowing into you with a realization I care.

A strange eerie tingle sinking deeply
and yet with such warmth and you just accept meekly.

Feeling you inside as you never choose to do,
slowly feeding and vitalizing through and through.

Whispering a word or two of praise
and amorous lines to explain away your daze.

Withdrawing gently leaving ever so much forever changed
looking back lonely wondering if I am deranged.

Finding you daily here and there
just wanting a little more care.

Giving more than your imagination or wildest dreams
yet repairing far more than your silent screams.

For having left you a wholly different person with just a touch
of my heart meeting yours and still lacking so very much.

Whispering a lonely quiet good bye
having left you with such an incredible high.

Treading off silently to find another who wants to try
and yet feeling so lonely I could cry.