Funnies - Spa Cat

There I was. It had been one of those intensely long weeks both at work and home that the only good thing to say for was it was over. My job was to take care of emergencies for our Governor's Office and we had a bad week with my having to travel all over the State of California. I fell at work and badly hurt a knee. Kept trying to work and coach soccer for the boys, so was paying with pains in muscles I did not know I had. The roof inspection showed we were going to have to replace about one quarter of the shake roof and my pocketbook was just not up to that. The wife's new car broke leaving her stranded forcing me to take time off from work to find a battery. My son got hurt at school and the doctor thought it might be really serious. All we could do for a while was wait and see. Even my dog had to make an emergency run to the vet. Anyhow without boring you further, it was Friday night and I was done.

After dinner and tucking the kids in with their favorite daddy stories, I slipped on my bathing suit, found a big beach towel, found some wonderful wine in the refrigerator, and headed to my spa. In route my wife warned me teasingly to be careful of the mountain lion that kept visiting our neighborhood. I ignored her and went out to my spa, one of those little portable units with a thick foam cover that always stays hot and ready. I can take the cover all the way off or just fold half back. It had been way too long since I had last been in. When I opened just half found enough dirt and mess, that I had to clean it first. Kind of figured as that had been my whole week. Carefully took the cover off and set it aside, got out my siphon tube and cleaned the bottom, cleaned the spa rim and bottom of the cover, then poured some wonderful jasmine scent into the water. Turned on the jets and got it all ready. Just as my leg entered the spa, the sliding dining room door opened and I was told I had a telephone call. I said no, but was told it was important. Carefully put the cover on then went inside for a call that went on for nearly an hour. Then there were a couple of more chores and on and on.

Finally, about midnight I looked down saw I was in a big floppy sweat shirt and swimming trunks and said what the heck. Tip toed outside to be greeted by a sky so full of stars it was unreal. I carefully opened just half the cover and slipped into the warm still fragrant water. It was pure heaven and I risked turning on the jets and possibly disturbing the neighbors. The air was so clean and cold my stars were vanishing in the steam. To be able to see the stars I had to turn off the jets and slip the cover all the way off to sit in the non-foggy side. I leaned back my head and just looked up at those bright little pinpricks and even watched a satellite or two go by.

So totally immersed in the moment I completely lost track of time. Maybe I even fell asleep. I just don't know. Anyhow, suddenly there was a huge rustle in the bush just on the other side of the fence. Needless to say, with some serious mountain lion warnings I was not happy just being there in my bathing suit and quickly went to full awake. There was a double thump on top of the fence and this huge cat launched expecting to land on my spa cover. Well, there was a big problem. No cover only me. A strange most awful cry with ten thousand razor sharp claws trying ever so hard to prove that cats can fly. True, no matter how fast claws flail, they just are not as good as feathers. Totally there my right arm suddenly shot out and grasped tight a scruff of the neck and heaved. A very wet pussy went flying right over the fence back to its bush. My light went on and I inspected for damages. Only a small puncture on one leg. Turned off the light, laid my head back and laughed softly.