Poems - Sweet Wet Good Bye!

Walking hand in hand on the beach,
ever so wonderfully in each other’s reach.
Fingers intertwined walking silent on the sand,
Asking nothing more of life than to stand.

Finding a place to build a nest,
pausing softly expecting to rest.
Commotion and bluster coming through,
again having to move too.

Settling on a place near the shore,
building a nest to adore.
Wondering off foraging afar,
only to hear the roar of waves smashing our sand bar.

Rushing back to find you dear,
seeing nothing, not even a pier.
Crying heart out at your loss,
only to see a little something wave toss.

A tiny scream calling for help,
as you are drawn out past the kelp.
Standing watching the current so strong,
and water so cold you will not last long.

Knowing I’ve always been led by my heart,
I jump in and swim hard to keep from being apart.
Reaching you and fingers holding again,
knowing its over as our eyes lock in a last soft grin.