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Created: June 1994
Updated: June 12, 2019



Fanny Annes Saloon Old Spaghetti Factory My woodworking skills served me well. My professional woodworking father passed on much of his fine woodworking and carpentry skills. He also made sure I had considerable formal training taking me to woodworking classes with him as his military service moved us all over the world. He gave me lots of experience working closely with him building our own homes and furniture. I also learned much of the construction business working with him in his construction firm and cabinet shop, and with my seven uncles all in construction.

In the sixties when I left home still in high school but already in college I supported myself as a cabinet maker and carpenter. During that time my college roommate and I built Fanne Anne's Saloon and the first Old Spaghetti Factory. In the seventies I inherited our family business that made custom cabinets, built new homes, plus "flipped" homes and apartment buildings. I ran that business while my career as a biomedical computer engineer and university instructor evolved. In the early 1990s I turned over the family business and made woodworking a hobby. In 2000 wood dust triggered health problems pulled the plugs on my machines and made me more of a tool collector than tool user. Sharing how I protected my family and me turned these pages into a dust collection authority and made me perhaps a little too well known.